gene england
"I found Greg to be very versed in the dog training field. He is a very accomplished helper. Has a very good understanding of the obedience and tracking phases also very accomplished in the Sport of Schutzhund. He also attended a 8 week trainers course at Advance Canine Academy and was my assistant during the 8 weeks. The class was for police officers and their k9s. The class covered all phases of police k9 work from felony tracking, apprehension, obedience and narcotics and etc. I would recommend Greg to anyone that needed someone to work with. He is very knowledgeable, hard working, easy to understand and just a good guy to be around."

Gene England
Owner- Advance Canine Academy

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"Greg is one of the best dog trainers in this country and quite possible in the world. I believe what makes Greg an incredibly successful coach is his professional experience in the education field. One could not ask for a better instructor! He has been on both sides of the fence, and knows how to break down any concept into blocks of information that are easy to digest for human and canine students alike.

Greg truly loves the animals he works with and supports everyone willing to improve. His system stresses a cohesive working relationship between a handler and a canine. It is based on a solid understanding that a team will never achieve its potential, unless it is functioning in harmony.

Some people might be surprised to find out that Greg has been effectively doing seminars for many years. Being a commercial trainer is not his goal. Greg is motivated by his passion for the sport, learning, and helping people achieve their best. The long list of accomplishments trailing his name and the continued success of Greg's students show that his program produces consistent results.

For many trainers, learning stops at a certain point in their career. Greg is never too proud to improve. His passion for learning drives constant innovation in his methods. He learns from everyone he works with, regardless of their experience or success.

Given a chance to watch Greg teach and work with him, do it. Go back and work with him again, if you have done so in the past. Greg revolutionizes his training all the time, every single day. Let him do the leg-work for you. It will be one of the best deals you will ever make!"

Marina Shukh
World Team IPO Competitor

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"Greg has so many excellent attributes that qualify him as a top trainer of both people and dogs in the sport of schutzhund. I think my favorite attributes would be his ability to communicate his training theories and his positive attitude and energy. I always understand the task at hand when I am training. In the 30 years I've been involved, I have seen this sport evolve and become more competitive.

I feel like I am on the right path towards keeping pace with new, more effective training methods. I have learned so much in the time I have been training with Greg. His methods are clear, fair and they get results. I have watched dogs really grow in confidence and attitude. Greg teaches handlers how to engage their dog and the way Greg teaches, he engages people. I feel very fortunate to be able to train with a top level helper and a skilled, intelligent person."

~Donna Gauvin

ivan balabanov
"I have known Greg for many years. I can confidently tell you that he has a great and natural ability to read dogs. I know this first hand because he has done helper work on a lot of my dogs. Greg understands what it takes to maximize dog/handler potential and prepare for trial, and not waste time in training without results as many helpers do ..."

With respect,
Ivan Balabanov
2007 FCI and FMBB World Champion
Many Times National Champion

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"I have worked with Greg for almost a year now. My learning through his guidance has been exponential with visible growth and advancements in my skills as a trainer and handler as well as in my dog, One of Greg's mottos is to be firm, fair, and to have fun. His training concepts are very methodical and concise. He teaches handlers to communicate very clearly with their dogs and keep training black and white. Greg has amazingly effective and creative suggestions in keeping training fun and exciting.

Many of us get lost in putting the big picture together, or "skipping letters", as Greg puts it, before the dog is remotely ready for that. Greg's concept of teaching the individual steps in a firm and fair, yet positive manner, brings reliable, lasting results. Additionally, with Greg's training concepts, the dog enjoys working for the handler; the handler-dog relationship improves; and a handler-dog team is being created.

Not only is Greg a very knowledgeable resource in the field of Schutzhund with a proven track record when competing on a worldwide level with his own dogs, he also has a wonderfully personable delivery method in his seminars. His enthusiasm for the sport and his belief in his concepts of teaching dogs and handlers is contagious. Greg has a fantastic ability to teach the basic- and advanced concepts, explain issues, and problem solve. Greg takes quality time with all handlers and is very patient when the learning process takes place, while always keeping the best of experiences for the dog in mind. Greg's patience and outreach extend through his willingness and the time he takes to respond to questions and issues via email on an ongoing basis. Greg greatly enjoys working with the handler-dog teams and wants them to succeed.

Greg is by far one of the most experienced trainers for Schutzhund and certainly a most enjoyable person to work with. Training weekends are always a lot of fun and a handler-dog team always leaves with lots of learning and confidence that improvements are taking place in a clear and effective manner. I am very grateful to have met Greg and be able to work with him as often as I can. He is an awesome teacher and I have learned a lot in a short time."

~Sandra Groschwitz

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Of all the people I've worked with in bite work, and that's been a lot. The best by leaps and bounds has been Greg Doud. His thought process is accurate, and the way he pieces things together is at this point unlike any other. Anyone that knows me knows I've got very strong background, and am very picky in bite work. (Why else would I wait until my dog is almost 1 year old before I'd risk taking him out for bite work, most people are doing stuff at 4 months eagerly).

There is one helper/trainer that is fairly close to Greg's view, but in a few aspects 100% different making Greg the better of the two. I've done to date 10 sessions over 5 days, I have 2 more sessions to go, and WOW. Not just my dog, but every dog I see him work. The progress made is remarkable. Patience, understanding, and effort he puts into every single dog is ridiculous! Generally working all day, very little or no breaks and 100% every time. Mario, my Brongo son, Farin Grandson has that chance to be brought up right. I'm glad I waited, and I'm glad this talent is available to mold by such a super trainer. Amazing, amazing trainer. That is all.

So, deciding if you want a Greg Doud seminar? Yes. I just answered your question. 100% yes.

~Shannon Huffman